To recieve in-game benefits you can donate.


Knight is a title that is very exclusive. Those who donate $5 recieve this title (optional)

DragonKnight are for those who donate $7.50. They get the title DragonKnight, an estate, and Dragon Travel Commands to set home, fly home, or fly to player.


The Server runs Mcmmo which makes an in-game leveling system. Leveling can be tough to some, but you can donate $5 and ask for 50 skill levels instead of Knighthood.


Those who donate $10 can receive 1000 in-game dollars.

Those who donate $20 dollars receive these benefits.

  • 16 Diamonds
  • 1500 in-game dollars
  • 100 skills of your choice.
  • Knighthood(Optional)
  • Dragontravel commands

Those who donate $30 dollars receive these benefits.

  • 32 Diamonds
  • 2000 in-game dollars
  • Suffix The Great
  • 150 Skills of your choice.
  • DragonTravel commands
  • Knighthood(Optional)

Those who donate $50 or above recieve...

  • 64 (stack) Diamonds
  • All Dragon Travel Commands
  • Knighthood(Optional)
  • Prefix Legendary
  • 5000 in-game dollars
  • 300 skills of your choice.
  • Dungeon Guides
  • Wikia Page
  • VIP slot.
  • Free Class or Name Change
  • Beta-Test New Classes as they come out