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Dragonrend is a kingdom in the lands of Dragonlaire. It is ruled by Anthonypelle, Owner and Admin of the Server. The City was built by Lord Varius the Exiled after he was usurped from his Throne on the Continent of Yosania.


Lord Varius was dethroned by his peasants after his ill treatment; He and his remaining supporters sailed across the ocean and discovered a large empty land. This new land was full of Dragons. The large beasts used the land for a millenia as hunting and breeding grounds. Varius took it upon himself to exterminate all of the Dragons.

After he was almost victorious the God of Fire, Drakonia threw a flaming spear at Varius. He died instantly. Varius' supporters only had a small village where Dragonrend is now. Varius had a very young Son named Mikael who was the heir to Dragonrend. A child king, his mother focused on his education in History and Art rather than Combat and War Tactics. Because of this Mikael developed a very Diplomatic Mindset.

His Son, King Anthony II, currently rules the land of Dragonrend and fights against Gnish-Niol and Sithien.

Allied Towns: