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Guild Enterance

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Necromancers is, in actuality, a form of life magic. but its deathly tone confuses it with the same dark magic that destroyed the old land. Though similar, dark magic consumes the life energy of everything around it where as life magic consumes the energy of the user. Many people see necromancers as evil but, some disagree. Necromancers are free thinkers and pioneers in the way of life magic.

Arch Necromancer


ALDIN: Lord of the UndeadEdit

Aldin was once an arcane mage but delved into dark magic. Combining the life magic of necromancy but using dark magic as a fuel, Aldin was able to mass produce an army of undead in a short amount of time. Aldin was sealed away into a soul shard held by Aleksandr, Aldin's former student, who defeated him some time during the war.