Me, the loremaster at my boss house.

I am the Loremaster of the Dragonlaire Wikia. I delete trolls and protect the wikia. Here is my story. you can find the lore towards the bottom.

Nick was never fully accepted into society being and oddball of sorts. People always shunned him and rejected his brilliant ideas. Things were always done to him at random and for no apparant reason, like being attacked, or being thrown in jail, with gaurds laughing at him. He was also bannished from kilgrin for no reason as well. Well he was tired of it. After the great war, he survived due to the great idea of his previously rejected by others. He then decided people would no longer shun him. So he joined a group of elite assasins. Most people don't believe him though, as the assasin group is but a myth. On the side there are rumors that here is a large scale operation going on somwhere below his house but nobody knows for sure. He runs a shop outside Romulus but nobody know how or where he gets his stock. Nobody really knows much about him mainly because he is very cautious of people.

There were once three great kingdoms. Kilgrin, Dragonrend, and Oceania. They were all very prosperous. Over time tension between Kilgrin and Dragonrend grew so strong that a great war broke out. This war left the land baron and grim and mostly destroyed, and many people died. The remaning survivers then moved very far, and began to reconsruct civilization. Everybody was forbidden from ever returning to what people call "the old world". Since then civilization has been fully reconstructed, and the land peacefull.