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Stonehammer is currently as of 4/27/2012 the largest town by population on the server.

We welcome any and all new members to join us or one of the other great towns on the server, there are so many options to choose from.

Stonehammer was founded soon after Dragonrend by our Dwarven ancestors. Over the course of our hundred year history we have witness many battles, wars, famines, etc... but we have always remained neutral; The people and lands of Stonehammer shall always remain neutral no matter what. The people of Stonehammer may choose if they want to fight in any battle or war but their actions do not represent those of Stonehammer.

The town has expanded nearly ten-fold in less than three years, the town boarders have been expanded to meet the growing need for space as more and more immigrants from distant lands flock to and settle in Stonehammer. Through the sweat and blood of many the town has prospered and continued to prosper.

A massive road leading from Stonehammer to Argonia has been started, currently it is almost half way to its destination. With some luck and a lot of work the two towns will be connected and trade can begin.

Many rumors persist passing from person to person. There has been word of an organization that keeps things in peoper alignment and of a group that hires out their particular set of skills to wealthy clientell.


1.) No PvPing in town or on Stonehammer land. (PvP has been turned off with Towny)

2.) No griefing, if you do grief it will be discussed by the towns people and your fate will be decided on a case-by-case basis. We do not judge if you will be banned or not, that is for the Administrators to decide, we simply decide if we will allow you to continue to live in town.

3.) No TnT, if TnT is detonated within or around the town by a member of the town he/she will be given a warning; If said player continues detonating TnT he/she will be banished from the town. If a player not of the town detonates TnT within or around the town he/she will be given a warning; If the player continues he/she will be branded an enemy of the town and will be attacked on sight by any/all of the townspeople.

4.) (Directed at all Thieves). If you steal from anyone in the town and you are part of the town then you will either return said stolen goods or be banished from the town.

Stonehammer birds eye view

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If you wish to join Stonehammer simply contact the Mayor or any of the Assistants by letter or chat.