The Mage's Guild is an neutral organization run by the most presigious of witches and wizards among Dragonlaire. The Guild is where members of all factions may go for education in the arts of potions, enchanting, conjuration, astronomy, healing, and defensive and destructive spells. The Guild is neither a place of battle or business, but rather a school for the magics. Though the Guild has its place in international affairs, it is a peaceful place that welcomes all mages willing to learn, should they not be from a faction at war with the Guild, of course. Currently, the Arch-Mage is iAlexApple who is on nearly every day. Should you wish to join the Guild you are required of three things: 1. you must support the Guild and contribute to it 2. You can not grief, be rude, or attack randomly or else instant banishment or ban 3. You must be a qualified mage