Mages guild

The Mages Guild is an association of mages of all races that govern the magic across Dragonlaire. It is open to any and all new members so feel free to join!

Though joining the Guild disallows a player from learning Necromatic spells, you are allowed into a safe haven for the magics of good and pure. The Guild is always at battle with the Necromancers of Dragonlaire, a constant fight of good versus evil.

Leaders of the GuildEdit

Arch Mage ========== EvanR97 (RP name is Evan)

Assistant =========== Legault122 (RP name is Legault)

Mages in GuildEdit

  1. iAlexApple-archmage
  2. Legault122-masterwizard
  3. aj_awesome-masterwizard
  4. skyderx-evoker
  5. codestring-aprentice


  1. dens182